Engaging Branded Apps & Interactive Advertising

The future of advertising is here, and Virtual Branders is your gatekeeper. We create branded apps for unique, interactive advertising that truly hooks new customers and clients. This ensures that you engage clients while reducing returns by letting them try out a virtual version of your product in 3D.


Virtual Dressing Rooms & More

Imagine that you’re shopping on a website and you find one that allows you to wear what you are looking at, or try different colors to see which you like the best – all in the comfort of your home. Interactive advertising through our branded apps make virtual dressing rooms a reality using a webcam, smartphone, or tablet. The system will automatically detect the relevant parts of your body and align them to arrange clothing, shoes, glasses, jewelry, or watches. You’ll see the results accurately and in real-time on your screen.


Moving around the 3D representation of the item allows you to see different angles, while a simple click or touch can change the color or model. Augmented reality allows for a fun, simple way to shop online.

Demystifying Online Shopping

One of the biggest deterrents to online shopping is the fact that customers cannot fully identify with a product on a screen. Augmented reality gives your customers a chance to interact with those items and feel more comfortable making online purchases.

Generate Visibility

In general, you’re probably looking to target a younger, more tech-savvy public. Our applications quickly generate high visibility through games, connected media, and allow your customers to share your products on their favorite networks. Games you create can be played from many devices on the go, and provide fully interactivity among players. When you combine that with your product and brand message, it’s a winning combination.

Augmented Reality Uses:

• Catalogs
• Product Packaging
• Sell Sheets

• Magazine Ads
• Your Logo on Promotional Products
• Emails
• PDFs
• Your Web Site
• Banners
• Trade Show Booth Display
• Custom Games with Your Products

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