Emerging Technologies

AR Coffee Maker

You’ve probably heard about augmented reality, but may not know much about it. As with all emerging technologies, the uses are still being discovered. Virtual Branders is on the cutting edge of advertising with this tech.

Grow Your Traffic

The excitement generated by your augmented reality apps will bring a flood of traffic to your website and your store. Most Internet users love sharing their new and fun experiences with their friends.

If you give this experience a try, you’ll quickly see your reach grow throughout social networks, blogs, forums, and email. Whether you’re providing an exciting virtual fitting room experience, interactive game, or just simply promoting your newest product, we ensure that your application will bring in an influx of customers.

Step into the Future

By taking advantage of emerging technologies and contributing to their evolution, you can reap the benefits of drastically increasing web traffic. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to entertain your customers and provide them with a unique experience that they’ll share with their friends, which, in turn, will bring more money to your business. By entertaining and engaging your customers, you’re providing them with added value on top of the quality products or services you already sell.

These campaigns are proven to generate significant improvements in traffic, with results showing up to 600% increases in some cases. This boosts visibility and market share at an average cost of just $0.10 - $0.20 per visit.

Promoting Your App

There are a variety of ways you can promote your new application. Feel free to use all of these different ideas and watch your traffic explode:

• Send All Your Clients an Email
• Highlighting Your New App via Social Media: Facebook™, Twitter™, Pinterest™, & LinkedIn™
• Use an Incentive to Get Clients to Download Your App
• Have a Special Note Announcing Your New App in All Invoices
• Display Your Trigger(s) on All Your Product Packaging
• Display Your Trigger(s) on All Sales Sheets, PDFs & Quotes
• Make Special Note of Your App on All Magazine Ads
• Add an Easy to Use Link to Your Email Signatures
• Send out a Press Release Announcing Your New App
• Have All Staff Mention the App & the Incentives That May Apply to Downloading It

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