Impressive Augmented Reality Apps

  3D Wheel - Augmented Reality Apps

Virtual Branders is your latest weapon in your marketing arsenal!  Using our augmented reality applications, will add a new level of interactivity to your marketing materials, allowing your customers to enjoy a new level of involvement.

What Can Your App Do for You?

With your new augmented reality app, you can truly highlight your products and help clients choose what is best for them. The unique features of augmented reality (AR) allow you to wow your clients, and create excitement surrounding your new products. AR also has the ability to show your clients your product before they buy, which greatly reduces the chances of a return, and allows you to showcase your items anywhere without the need to carry around inventory.

Additionally, you can add inventory to your app anytime you like. You can’t do that with a printed catalog, but it’s no problem with any of our augmented reality apps. Your client will be able to see your product in three dimensions (3D), viewing it from every angle to ensure it’s what they’re looking for. And since AR effectively places the product in the environment it is being viewed in, they’ll know exactly what to expect!


Specials are already an effective way to market a product, but imagine what you can do with augmented reality. Add video and 3D images to your promotions and watch your profits go up! Your app can even educate users about installing the products, and allow you to run contests through email, at trade shows, and through print advertisements. Social media can also help extend your influence through the use of hashtags and other social cues.

With augmented reality, you’ll rise above your competition. Our augmented reality apps engage clients where completion doesn’t, allowing you to share new, innovative features that excite and help. You’ll also have co-op dollars to spend on our apps.

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