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There are many benefits to working with Virtual Branders to promote your business. Our augmented reality applications quite literally add compelling 3D imaging, 3D animation, Hi-Def video to your current marketing materials and efforts.


Custom Branded Augmented Reality Apps give you have creatively interacts with your customers, suppliers & staff.  Augmented reality tech brings your clients an incredible interactive experience with your products that they are not getting anywhere else!

Cutting Edge

Expand your current marketing efforts with AR emerging technologies. By taking advantage of augmented reality, you can add New Content to current brochures, print ads, even business cards.

Our Story

Virtual Branders is a tech company that is bringing a new dimension to your traditional advertising. Our Custom Branded Apps leverage augmented reality to create mobile 3D experiences for your customers. Our high-quality, affordable apps take cues from your advertising materials to build a unique experience for your customers featuring 3D animation and video superimposed over the world around them. This can be done thanks to the advanced hardware in mobile devices, including phones and tablets. Imagine having the chance to share your inventory with customers without ever actually seeing them. That’s what our augmented reality apps can do for your business.

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